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Greensville County Animal Shelter
255 Falling Run Road,
VA 23847

Phone: 434-637-0052
Facebook page:

Opening Hours (for visitation and adoptions):
Monday-Friday: 10am-1pm
Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays

If you need an earlier/later time, please call Doris on 434-637-0052 to make arrangements. She is more than willing to work with you if she has time to plan ahead.

Greensville County Animal Shelter is a small rural facility in the south of Virginia. While Greensville County Animal Shelter is not yet a no-kill facility, this is a goal we strive to achieve each and every day. We are also fortunate enough to work with some amazing rescue groups and dedicated individuals who help us move animals to safety each and every week.

Visiting Greensville County Animal Shelter
Please phone us on 434-637-0052 to check that the dog or cat you want to visit is still available. Monday-Friday: 10am-1pm. Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays.
Location Map of Emporia, VA.

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